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Why use MEISTER?

Smart Science

Our power packed cleaning molecules are formulated to clean beyond the visible surface removing dirt, grease and grime away like a magnet.

Simple to Use

Just spray, wait and wipe your dirtiest jobs away without breaking a sweat!

Time & Money Saved

Our cleaners keep your surfaces cleaner for longer so you spend less time in the kitchen and more time with your family.

People Like MEISTER

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Steel Meister SPOT CLEANER

Steel Meister Spot Cleaner is a revolutionary cleaner for your indoor & outdoor stainless steel. Tough on dirt & grime, safe for your stainless. Steel Meister Spot Cleaner will make you fall in love with your stainless all over again.

Deep Cleans

Deep cleans your stainless steel and metal surfaces. Steel Meister Spot Cleaner also works great as a pre-cleaner for Steel Meister.

Tough Tasks Made Easy

Removes: Dirt, grease, grime, caked-on food, smudges, soot, water spots and more.


Multiple Uses

Ideal for stainless steel, copper, chrome, aluminum, fiberglass, kitchen appliances, outdoor grills, automotive trim, bathroom fixtures and more

Team Player

Great as a pre-cleaner to our Steel Meister polish. Works on all water tolerant metal surfaces.

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Hands down the winner on battling fingerprints, smudges, streaks. Stainless steel appliances are sleek, cool, classic and attractive. That is, until you have to deal with grubby fingerprints, water drip spots and stubborn streaks. Steel Meister handles all that effortlessly, leaves the competitors far behind and saves you time. Perfect for stainless steel appliances, outdoor grills, automotive trim and, yes, even the kitchen sink.

--> clean, polishes, protects your stainless steel and metal surfaces
--> repels fingerprints, resists smudges thanks to its micro-thin protective layer
--> long lasting
--> leaves an effortless 'shiny new' finish
--> ideal for stainless steel, copper, chrome, aluminum, fiberglass, kitchen appliances
--> use on outdoor grills, automotive trim, bathroom fixtures, more


A new generation of cleaning is here. What's lurking inside those micro scratches in your countertop? Stubborn dirt, grease, food particles or worse. Forget about it. Stone Meister encapsulates the dirt trapped in microscopic pores that conventional cleaners can't reach, then lifts the dirt out like a magnet. Also can be used to clean floors without increasing slippage.


cleans, polishes without streaking
removes tough dirt, grease, stains
safe for all coated surfaces won't affect sealers
biodegradable, environmentally friendly
food safe and safe for ground water
ideal for natural stone, polished granite, marble, soap stone, slate, polished concrete and all other water tolerant counter surfaces
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The Cooktop Champ. No more grease, grime or baked-on food. Discounted Pricing -Limited Time!

Knocks out dirt with one powerful punch. Going deeper than conventional cleaners can reach, Range Meister soaks down to drive out burnt-on/baked-on food, grease and grime lodged beneath the surface then buffs your glass or ceramic cooktop to a protective shine.


cleans deep beneath the surface
removes burnt-on/baked-on food
polishes and protects
no residue, streaks or scratching
rinses clean with water


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